Calvin’s Dick Slips Out Boxers

I love it when a guy is wearing only his boxers and his cock slips out the side.   That is exactly what we get today with gay porn star Calvin Lyne sitting in the leather armchair.   Stripped down to his boxers, Calvin actually has bigger plans for the day, and you will get to see his full plans inside Boyfun Collection.    In the full set, Calvin plans to masturbate his hard cock, and he eventually cums all over his tight stomach.

Topless Calvin Lyne

Check out the abs on this twink!  I’d happily blow my load all over that 6 pack.   Now lets get naked Calvin.

Calvin Lyne Boxers

Calvin looks cute as he sits alone in the armchair in only his boxers.   I want to rub those abs really badly.

Calvin Lyne Dick Slip

Like a turtle popping out of his shell, Calvin’s dick is doing the same out the side of his boxers.   Sit back and enjoy the rest of the set as Calvin pulls off his boxers and then starts to jerk off.   He had a big load of cum stored up, and he blasted the shit out of it!

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