Calvin Lyne’s Ass In Athletic Supporter

Today we get to watch gay star Calvin Lyne strip out of his soccer gear.  But lucky for us, he left his athletic supporter on.   Enjoy as Calvin turns away from the camera and his smooth gay ass is fully exposed except for a couple straps on his jock strap.  Even though Calvin is tired from his soccer game, he is still definitely turned on and would be up for a fuck or two.   In this set from BFCollection, Calvin has no man in sight, so he instead masturbates and blows his load onto his stomach.

Shirtless Calvin Lyne

Calvin is in the middle of undressing after his soccer game.   His soccer jersey is off his sweaty chest, and his cleats have also been removed.

Calvin Lyne Athletic Supporter

Wearing only his athletic supporter now, Calvin Lyne turns away from the camera and we get our first look at that beautiful gay ass.

Calvin Lyne Bare Ass

Now butt ass naked, Calvin is straddling the bar stool as his ass cheeks start to spread apart.   Who wants first crack at that ass boys?

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